Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mobicents at JavaOne 2008

Tuesday May 6 was a big day for Mobicents. The two
sessions at the JBoss booth were overflowing. There were 3-4 times more people than chairs for both sessions delivered consequently by Vladimir and Jean. The live demos were both impactful, especially the facebook plugin demo where two people of the audience were able to talk to each other on mobile phones.

The Red Hat media team also recorded a podcast and
posted it on

In the midst of the presentations we were approached for a purchase order by a sizeable call center company in the San Francisco area.

See the crowd around Jean during his sesion. I am listening carefully since most of what he says is news to me. Mobicents SIP Servlets is growing just too fast. Vladimir is answering questions in the back to someone who watched his presentation.

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Aayush Bhatnagar said...

Congrats to the Mobicents team! The JSLEE solution is an ideal choice for not only VoIP applications, but it has great potential for being a candidate technology to catalyze the IMS services plane with the IMS core.
Being barely 2 months old in the JAVA programming language itself, i somehow managed to create some sample aplications on top of JBCP. Now when i extrapolate the concept of Mobicents to my core IMS domain knowledge, i relaize its immense potential as a means of developing and deploying newer and richer 3G services in the telco domain.
best regards