Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gartner starts serious coverage of event driven architectures

Gartner published a new research document titled: "Cool Vendors in Platform Middleware, Event-Driven Application Servers, 2006". The paper is written by Massimo Pezzini and Yefim V. Natis. Yefim is a well known researcher in the middleware space.
The abstract reads:

Event-driven application servers are among the most-innovative evolutions in application platforms. Although still leading-edge technology, several commercial products, such as those from jNETx, OpenCloud and WareLite, are emerging in the market.

The paper also mentions Mobicents as a viable Open Source alternative for JSLEE containers.

Interestingly this publication came out on March 14, which was the opening day for VON Spring. After my second panel at the VON Open Source Summit, I was aproached by several analysts at other major brands who were starting to cover VoIP middleware.

Coincidence or the beginning of something significant?