Friday, September 04, 2009

Mobicents in Brno 2009 - annual team meeting aftermath

Another good year for the Mobicents community was celebrated properly with a face to face team meeting in Brno, Czech Republic. Mobicents is now 5 years old, which in human years translates to the phase of entering young adulthood.

An unforgettable week with the core team was hardly enough to fit a marathon of architecture reviews, design problem solving and roadmap brainstorming sessions. The number of new sub-projects exploded over the past year, while the more mature ones entered into competition with the market leaders. We continue to pride ourselves with the most advanced telco middleware stack that neither Open Source nor Commercial IT vendors can match in order of breadth, features and quality of integration.

Red Hat is still the FIRST AND ONLY middleware vendor to sell a telco stack that inlcudes JSLEE 1.1. (JSR 240 Certified), SIP Servlets 1.1 (JSR 289 Certified) and Media Server (soon to be JSR 309 certified).

I will have to admit though that the business part of the meeting was not the most rewarding. It was the after hours team bonding that made my stomach hurt from laughing night after night. Its absolutely priceless to witness completely improvised but highly effective team work at the social scene. In no time we had more local friends than we could handle. They were more than welcome since they balanced out our male dominant group. By the end of the week some of the new friends became so close to folks on the team that they parted ways in tears. We've done pretty well in the past years meetings, but this year set another record.

Before I go into listing the topics that we covered at the meeting, I would like to express gratitude to our hosts in Brno - Pavel Slegr and Renata Prokesova, who made sure we had a well organized, smooth, productive and entertaining week.

Here comes the information that constituted the essence of this year's get together. Following are presentations, annotated with meeting notes, including past year achievements, pending higher level decisions, and roadmap for each of the Mobicents projects. There is also information about thetentative plan for the commercially supported JBoss Communications Platform, which is based on Mobicents.