Friday, February 24, 2006

See you at VON Spring 2006

Last week 3GSM gathered 50'000 visitors in Barcelona. The avalanche of news hasn't settled in yet, but there is yet another big telecom show coming up - VON Spring 2006.

I am fully expecting it to be as big and exciting as ever. This time I will be participating on two panels during the Open Source Summit.

If you are interested to meet and chat with me about Mobicents and Open Source IMS, drop me an email or just come to one of the two sessions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gizmo Project and Google Talk are Now Connected!

This is really good news. Interconnection between these two open networks is a big new oportunity for creative service providers.

The world of telephony and enterprise applications is merging

BEA entered the VoIP market about a year ago and delivered astounding results. BEA extended the Web Logic Server with SIP Servlet functionality and accumulated annual sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Oracle decided they won't sit on the sidelines and let this oportunity slip. Oracle is jump starting a VoIP product line by hiring a BEA star executive and acquiring HotSip - a small, but well regarded Sip Servlet vendor.