Saturday, January 13, 2007

Motorola invests in JSLEE

I am very happy for Open Cloud, who just closed $10M funding from two venture capital companies and Motorola. OC and Sun Microsystems spearheaded the Open Standards in telco middleware about 5 years ago. Along the way Sun dropped out of the game, but OC continued to promote the technology and they did a great job at it. OC managed to show the feasibility of JSLEE in carrier grade environments. Most top tier telco operators respect OC for the high quality of their products and services. OC has also been Open Source community friendly and actively support projects like Mobicents.

It is truly great to see a major NEP brand such as Motorola standing behind JSLEE. This bold move sends a clear message to the major IT vendors that the road to the lucrative telco market is not widely open for new players.

Motorola has been reinventing itself lately on the consumer end with a successful new line of mobile phones. It seems that the giant is getting ready to catch up and take the lead on the back end side as well. They seem to understand what Telco 2.0 is about.

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