Saturday, December 02, 2006

Some notes from Oredev

Two weeks ago I presented at Oredev - a regional developer conference hosted in Malmo, Sweden. The great thing about small conferences like Oredev is that the organizers go out of their way to make it a great experience for everyone. Meetings were well coordinated and the hospitality was remarkable.

The talk I presented was "Voice Mail service with JSLEE, SIP and RTP". The title did not represent the main theme of the talk, but it helped gather an audience which was interested in VoIP and Java. The talk was about converged applications and new market opportunities. It was about writing and deploying scalable applications, which handle web, voice signaling and media.

It was interesting to see a big part of the audience being familiar with VoIP development. A year ago at JavaPolis, about 20% of the people at my presentation, had VoIP hands on experience. At Oredev the percentage was 50!

The questions I was asked last year were more often about the feasibility of transitioning from legacy telco systems to standard development environment. This time around the majority of questions were targeted at the details of the JSLEE programming model. Most developers were familiar with the VoIP protocols and they were interested to learn how to build scalable applications. There was also a good bit of interest in the new market opportunities.

The slides of my Oredev presentation as well as the source code for the demo are available for download.

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