Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rancore Technologies wins Red Hat Innovation Award

Congratulations to Aayush Bhatnagar and his team at Rancore Technologies for winning the 2011 Red Hat Innovation Award for Outstanding Open Source Architecture! This is a well deserved acknowledgment for a cutting edge telecom platform for 4G/LTE networks and applications. I am happy to have Aayush on the Mobicents core team. His input is essential to the project's roadmap, priorities and architecture.

A few excerpts from the award web page:
"Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, India, Rancore Technologies a leading technology R&D firm focused on 4G telecom networks and services. Rancore is a privately held company and a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a fortune 500 firm and India's most valuable company."
"Telecom features and services were implemented on top of the Mobicents Stack (JAIN SLEE) which was in-turn deployed on JBoss Application server. Mobicents provided a rich suite of resource adaptors which acted as Telco protocol connectors. JAIN SLEE RAs such as HTTP, XCAP, SIP, SMPP and DIAMETER were extensively used in the products. Rancore also contributed code, patches, bug fixes and knowledge to the Mobicents community and hence acquired a seat in the Mobicents core team."
"This project is going to be part of one of one of the largest 4G LTE/IMS deployments in the world - and in the world's biggest telecom market – India. Rancore's SDP is designed to be suitable for mission critical 4G deployments, where high throughput and low latency are desired. By showing quite clearly that a low-cost, high-throughput, mission- critical fault tolerant system can be built with the right use of open source technology, Rancore is the first company in India to utilize open source technology to build a Service Delivery Platform based on 4G standards. Lastly, Rancore has also contributed code, patches, bug fixes and knowledge to the Mobicents community - a strong testament to its belief in open source philosophy."
Congratulations, Aayush! Looking forward to hearing more about the market success of Rancore Technologies.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ivelin.

It is indeed a great experience to rub shoulders with the illustrious and experienced Mobicents Core Team.

I am looking forward to creating more disruptive applications around the Mobicents platform in the coming months.