Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another good day for Open Source and IMS

HP and Atos Origin jointly released to Open Source an IMS testing tool called Seagull ( It continues the legacy of the successful sipp, which has proven valuable for SIP compliance testing and benchmarking.

Seagull is an extensible tool with immediate support for key IMS protocols such as Diameter, XCAP, and TCAP.

This is a very exciting development, because it will accelerate interoperability between IMS component vendors. I am hopefull that a critical mass of community support will build up around it to ensure long term viability of the project and a growing library of IMS testing plug-ins.


Banibrata Dutta said...

Within HP we've used Seagull for quite a while. It's an impressive and powerful test tool, which is now a free alternative to very expensive commercial tools. This tools is easily extensible (we've managed to add new protocol support in a matter of hours, not days), fairly robust, and representation of scenarios is powerful. Put the other opensource products s.a. Ethereal/Wireshark, with this, and you've got yourself something which from some-vendors might cost you upwards of $50K.

Javier Maria said...

Why not make an open source TTCN implementation? Isn't the standard free?