Saturday, September 24, 2005

VON was a blast

We had exceptionally exciting days at VON. Ranga and I were approached by a number of industry players who expressed their support of the Mobicents project. This is the kind of recognition that keeps us going.

Our presentation went great. We had a small audience of experts who knew what Mobicents was and had specific technical questions. What really impressed me was that all 3 demos showed on 3 different laptops worked smoothly. The High Availability demo for SIP mid-call and registrar failover, the EclipSLEE built Wake Up service and the WiFi SIP hand held phone from ZyXel all clicked nicely. That was a surprise to me, because I usually get caught by the demo syndrom and nothing works in front of an audience :).

While we were having fun at VON, the folks at Lucent did amazing work tuning the SIP RA and the SLEE engine. Leondo reported new performance peak of sustained 50cps!!! This puts us only half way from the "unreacheable" carrier grade 100cps! The folks that are tracking the project are probably as shocked as I am that we managed to get from 1 to 50cps in 2 months. Not bad.

I am done packaging the new beta release and will make the announcement later today.

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