Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nortel focuses on AS 5200/CS 2000. Mobicents a key component.

Several Mobicents contributors pointed to public sources revealing pieces of valuable information about a sizeable project that has been underway and is starting to make big waves.

First, this analyst review:

" Nortel revealed a refreshed IMS
strategy that focuses on the application layer of the network and is
centered around the continued sales of the company’s softswitches,
media gateways and application servers. A byproduct of the strategy
shift is that Nortel will primarily partner with third parties to
interoperate with IMS-based call control technology."

"Nortel’s IMS strategy wisely focuses on the strongest assets of the
company’s carrier VoIP product portfolio, specifically the company’s
CS 2000 softswitch. A perennial market leader, the CS 2000 continues
to attract customers that fall into the category of being ready to
migrate away from TDM switches but not ready to move to IMS. Evidence
of the CS 2000’s continued market prowess is provided by the early
March 2009 announcement that the platform is being deployed at Telekom
Austria, which services more than 2.4 million subscribers."

Then this presentation at a recent telco event in Russia:

"NGN 2.0 is about transforming the entire value
chain of the service providers' environment, focusing
on services and the three-dimensional business
aspects of technology, people and processes"

"Nortel CS 2000 Adaptive Application Engine (AAE) brings NGN 2.0 to market. Offers Open Programmability Environment (OPE) via Mobicents JSLEE. Exposes external interfaces via SOA Web Services and SIP. "

"Example deployment: Telefonica Communicator - a service for corporate customers with mobile work force. Based on Nortel AS 5200."

Expect more public announcements and comprehensive case studies along these lines.

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